Introducing the P400: a fully-integrated card reader for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

As things start to re-open, we've been thinking about the increased need for touchless payments.

Last week, we introduced payment requests that let you create reservations (and retail sales) in your Control Panel and then request online payment from your customers.

Today, we're thrilled to tell you about the Verifone P400 credit card reader that is now fully-integrated with Starboard Suite.

Verifone P400 Overview

With the Verifone P400, you can initiate a charge from within your Starboard Control Panel and let customers process their own payment via swipe, dip or tap (including ApplePay and AndroidPay).

Starboard will send all of the necessary info to the P400, so there's no need for your staff to key anything in.

Processing and Storage

After the customer swipes, dips or taps their payment, we'll process it through your existing Stripe account and log it directly into the reservation for you.

When payments are processed in the P400, we'll store them just like any other Stripe payment, so you can refund or charge those cards again directly in Starboard.

We even support $0 payments in the P400, so you can store a swiped or dipped card now, and then charge it later.

(By regulation, tapped payment methods like ApplePay can't be charged again.)


The P400 is a network-based reader, so it's compatible with any device where you use your Control Panel: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

You can use it directly through a web browser or with our iOS app.

You can connect the P400 to your network by plugging in an ethernet cable or connecting it to your Wifi network.  (According to Stripe, Wifi mode is still in "beta", but we've been using it in Wifi mode here and it works great.)

One of the coolest things about the P400 is that it can be shared among multiple devices just like a shared printer.

The P400 is a desktop reader that requires a power source -- if you're looking for a battery-powered mobile reader our iOS app is also integrated with the BBPos mobile reader.


One of the things we love about Stripe is their great security.

P400 readers support the latest encryption technologies and are fully PCI-compliant.

Pricing and How to Buy

Readers can be purchased directly through your Stripe account here.

Stripe's cost for the P400 is $299 + tax and shipping.
Stripe's processing fees for card-present payments are 2.7% + 5-cents per transaction.

There are no additional Starboard Suite service fees for using a reader.

In Canada
Support for Interac will be added soon.
Stripe's Interac fees will be 15-cents CAD per transaction.

*All prices subject to change.

Quick Recap of the P400

  • Plug-in desktop reader supports swipe, dip and tap payments
  • Fully integrated with Starboard Suite and Stripe
  • Can be shared with multiple devices
  • Compatible with nearly any computer, tablet or phone
  • Works over ethernet or Wifi
  • PCI-compliant

We're thrilled about this new integration, and hope that it helps you streamline your payments in this challenging time.