Stripe BBPos mobile card reader is now available!

Great news, Stripe BBPos mobile card reader is now available for Starboard Suite!

This convenient little card processor connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth.  You can use it with our iOS app to swipe or dip chip cards, or process payment via Apple/Android Pay.

Payments are processed directly into your existing Stripe account at a discounted rate.

As with other Stripe payments, if you swipe or dip chip cards through the BBPos we will store the cards with the reservation and you can reuse them for subsequent charges.

And, we even added support for $0 payments, so you can swipe/dip a card without actually charging it, and then charge it later through your Control Panel!

For more information on getting started with the BBPos mobile card reader, check out the article "Processing payments with Stripe Terminal BBPos" article in our Knowledge Base.

If you have other questions, just let us know!