WisePOS E card reader for Stripe available now

We're excited to tell you about the WisePOS E card reader for Stripe that is now available in the U.S. and Canada, and is fully-integrated into Starboard Suite.

WisePos E card reader

The WisePOS E is a network-based reader that connects to your internet router via WiFi (or via ethernet with an optional dock).

It's compatible with any device where you access your Control Panel (computer, tablet or smartphone) and can be shared across multiple devices.

The WisePOS E is a "hybrid reader", so it works great in a desktop environment, but also has a rechargeable battery for use on the go.

It supports swipe, chip and NFC (Apple/Android Pay) payments, and we'll be adding support for Interac in Canada soon.

More details (and a link to purchase) can be found in this article in our Knowledge Base.
If you have other questions about the WisePOS E, just let us know, we're glad to help!