New Feature: Variable Ticketing Fees

As you know, Starboard Suite allows you to pass a ticketing fee through to your customer at the time of booking (as a reminder, you're able to pass the ticketing fee through in an amount greater or less than your Starboard Suite service fees.)

Previously, you would set your booking fee once in System Configuration and the same fee would be passed through to customers from all "funnels": online, phone and walk-up.

Beginning with Starboard Suite version, you will be able to charge a different ticketing fee for online bookings vs. phone bookings vs walk-ups.

When customers book online it saves you time and money, so you may consider using this feature to incentivize more customers to book online by charging a higher ticketing fee for walk-ups and phone calls and a lower fee (or no fee) for online bookings.

On the other hand, some customers have asked if they could waive the ticketing fee for walk-ups, and this feature will certainly allow you to do that as well.

Every regional market is evolving toward pay-per-use pricing at a different rate, so you'll need to decide what makes sense in your regional market.

Either way, variable ticketing fees are a powerful new tool that you can use to influence customer behavior!