Price Levels in Discount Codes

Another way to control pricing in discount codes.

Last year we announced that we'll be deprecating price tiers in discount codes at the end of this year. Price tiers required you to set a discounted price for Adults, Children, etc. This was handy, but it required maintenance (if you changed your prices) and it didn't allow the discount code to be re-used across tour types with different prices.

In December, we introduced "Discount Amount per Passenger" and "Discount Percentage" as a more flexible way to control discount pricing. These are great, but there are times that you may want even more granular control over discounts than these allow.

So, we've added a new discount code option called "Price Level" which allows you to specify an alternate price level to be used when a discount code is applied to a reservation.

So, you now have 3 different ways to control the pricing in discount codes.

Discount Amount per Passenger
Discount Percentage
Discount Price Level

If you'd like to learn more, there's an article in our Knowledge Base which discusses these options in more detail.