Now you can apply automatic discounts to concierge bookings

If you allow concierge bookings in your reservation system, you're already familiar with the Commission Percentage setting, which is used to calculate the payout amount on your Concierge Voucher and Concierge Referral reports after a booking is processed.

Today we gave your concierge records a Discount Percentage setting which can be used to discount the cost of the reservation before a booking is processed.

In the example above, we've given this concierge a 20% discount percentage -- this gets applied to the ticket cost, kind of like an automatic discount code.

Let's say that your normal ticket prices are $200 for adults and $100 for children:

When this concierge logs-in to book, she'll see a 20% discount applied automatically ($160 for adults and $80 for children).

Commission percentages haven't changed -- they work just as they did before.

We've just added the discount percentage as another option that you can use to manage more complex concierge and agent relationships.

We hope you find that helpful.

If you have questions about concierge discount percentages (or anything else), just let us know!