New gift certificate options for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Gift certificates are always a hot seller for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For holiday promotions, our "extra value" gift certificates are particularly useful. They allow you to specify a base value and then include an additional bonus amount as a promotional incentive.

With that in mind, we've just added four new features to help you take more advantage of our "extra value" gift certificates and maximize your gift certificate sales.

Add a custom description for value and "extra value" certificates that aren't connected with event types.​

Show on Public List
Now you can hide specific certificate types from your public gift certificates page.

If you want to advertise a promotional certificate via email or Facebook, but hide it from your gift certificates page, just set this to False.​

Public Purchase URL
Want customers to purchase a specific gift certificate directly from marketing emails or Facebook posts?  

We've made it easy to find the direct URL for online purchases -- just copy and paste.​

Sort Order
Draw attention to holiday promotions by moving them up in the list. ​

Putting it all Together
Here's an example of an "extra value" holiday certificate where customers can spend $100 and get $150.​

We hope you find these new features useful for your holiday promotions.

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to be in touch.

Happy Holidays!