Introducing Workstations

We wanted to tell you about a great new feature called "workstations" coming your way soon!

As you know, Starboard Suite lives in the cloud -- you can log-in and access your Control Panel from anywhere -- great!

Your business, on the other hand, is in a real physical location (maybe more than one).

Even within a single office, staff members may process bookings and payments at different desks.

Workstations let you log-in to your Control Panel at a physical location to help bridge this divide.

Logging-In with Workstations

After you configure workstations, staff will be able to indicate the specific desk, computer station or kiosk they're working at each time they log-in.

By default, selecting a workstation is not required, but after you create your list of workstations, you'll probably want to require it by changing the "Workstation Is Required" setting in Admin->System Configuration.

Multiple users can log-in to the same workstation, so it's ok to create an "office" workstation for office staff who don't handle cash and don't need granular tracking.

Managing Workstations

You can create and manage workstation names under Admin->Workstations.

You can name workstations anything you like -- we recommend choosing names that make sense in your specific business environment, eg Desk #1 or South Kiosk.

Workstations in Reporting

After you set up your workstations and (optionally) make them required at login, you'll be able to track payment activity for each workstation in your Revenue by Payment Method report.

We've recently added an employee filter to that report as well, so you now have the ability to track payments across any date range and filter them by specific employee and physical location.

We're excited about these new workstation features, and we hope you'll find them useful!