Introducing: Tap to Pay on iPhone

Last year, Apple introduced an impressive new feature called "Tap to Pay" that allows customers to pay you by simply tapping their credit card or smartphone against your iPhone.

Today, we're thrilled to tell you that with the latest version of the Starboard Suite iOS app, and a compatible iPhone, you can process in-person payments right on your device, eliminating the need for a mobile card reader.

Using Tap to Pay in Starboard Suite

Processing Tap to Pay payments in your control panel is almost identical to processing payments with a mobile card reader -- you'll just need to configure Tap to Pay as your card reader:

  1. Within the Starboard Suite iOS app, click the cog at the bottom right to open the app settings.
  2. In the hardware section at the bottom, choose "Tap to Pay for iPhone".
  3. Ring up a reservation, retail order or gift certificate.
  4. On the payment screen, choose Stripe Mobile Reader as the payment method.
  5. When prompted, tap the customer's card or smartphone to your iPhone.

Compatibility Notes for Merchants

For merchant hardware and region requirements, please see Apple's Tap to Pay on iPhone merchant frequently asked questions.

We expect Apple to continue expanding their hardware compatibility list, and we plan to support the same devices in Starboard Suite.

Compatibility Notes for Customers

Customers can pay you using any NFC-enabled smartphone (ApplePay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) or NFC-enabled credit card.

We thrilled to provide support for Tap to Pay, and we can't wait to see how you use it!