Introducing: QuickCharge

We wanted to tell you about a new feature called QuickCharge that is now available in your Starboard Suite account.

If you take partial payments from customers and then collect a "balance due", QuickCharge will dramatically speed up your payment collection and check-in process.

For reservations with a card-on-file, QuickCharge allows you to charge the balance due to that card with one click, without visiting the payment screen or leaving the current page.

On the Event Detail screen, you'll find the "Quick Charge" button next to each reservation:

On your Accounts Receivable report, you'll find individual "Quick Charge" buttons for each reservation, as well as a "Quick Charge All" that allows you to QuickCharge every reservation on that report in a single click!

Please note that:

  1. The QuickCharge button will only appear if a reservation has a stored card-on-file.
  2. If a reservation has more than one card-on-file, QuickCharge isn't available, because we'll need you to click through and indicate which card you'd like to charge.
  3. Since cards-on-file require a Stripe account, QuickCharge requires you to use Stripe as your processor.
  4. QuickCharge isn't yet available on contract bookings, as payment timing for contracts tends to be a bit more nuanced.

We hope you enjoy the new QuickCharge feature!