Introducing: Payment Splits

We're excited to tell you about the new "payment splits" feature that we just added to your reservation system.

If you sometimes split a single reservation into multiple payments, we think you're going to find this incredibly helpful.

While the integrated calculator still works great for simple math, the payment splits feature can help with more complex scenarios.

It does the math for you automatically, and makes it easy to keep track of where you are in the process.

Here are the steps for using payment splits:

1. From the payment or refund screen, click the orange payment splits icon

2. From the splits dropdown, select the number of payment splits

3. From the payment methods dropdown, select your first payment method

4. Click "Use" next to a payment split, to copy that split into the Amount box

5. Process the payment as your normally would

6. Repeat until all of the payment splits have been used, or click "leave with balance/refund due" to save the booking and complete the process at a later time

Here's a short video showing the complete process in action:

Common questions about payment splits:

Is a payment split the same as a payment?

No, a payment split is NOT a payment.

It's a handy way to keep track of payments or refunds that you intend to create.

You'll still need to process each payment or refund.

Does creating payment splits automatically charge the customer?

No, payment splits make it easy to keep track of payments or refunds that you intend to create, but the customer will not be automatically charged.

Can I use a stored card in combination with payment splits?

Yes, all of the standard payment methods can be used in conjunction with payment splits.

If I create payment splits, can I change my mind later?

Yes, you can "delete all", or delete specific splits.

Can I leave a reservation with a balance or refund due, and resume at a later date?

Yes, the unused payment splits will be stored with the reservation, and will stay there until they are used or deleted.

Are my payment splits only accessible to my user account, or can another employee redeem my payment splits?

Unused payment splits are stored with the reservation, and can be used by anyone who has access to process payments or refunds on a reservation.

Can I use payment splits when processing payments on contracts?

Yes, you sure can.