Introducing: Partial Gift Certificate Redemptions

Great news, we've added support for partial gift certificate redemptions!

Previously, a gift certificate code could only be applied toward a single purchase (though you had an option to refund any remaining balance as a new certificate).

After you enable this feature, a single gift certificate code will be usable multiple times, and we'll carry the balance forward until it's used up.

To enable this feature

  1. Navigate to Admin->System Configuration->Discount Codes and Gift Certificates
  2. Set "Allow Partial Gift Certificate Redemptions" to "True".

Updates to reporting

We've updated your gift certificates report to show all of the individual redemptions.

To see the redemption details of a specific gift certificate, just click the arrow to expand the redemption value:

After you enable the partial redemptions feature:

  • For your security, gift certificates that were redeemed previously will still be treated as fully redeemed, and will appear with a remaining value of "0" in your reporting.
  • All gift certificates including those sold previously (but not redeemed) will use the new rules.
  • The gift certificates "lookup" tool on the payment screen will still work just like before.
  • You'll still have the option to redeem a certificate up to its full value and refund the difference.
  • We'll automatically remove the "must be redeemed in a single purchase" policy from your certificates.

We hope you find this helpful!