Collect, store and manage your waivers electronically via our integration with Smartwaiver

If you require customers to sign a waiver, now you can collect, store and manage your waivers electronically!

We've integrated with Smartwaiver, the industry's leading e-waiver company.

When you connect your Starboard Suite account with Smartwaiver:

  • Customers who book online will be prompted to sign an e-waiver after they complete their booking. 
  • All customers will receive a link to sign an e-waiver in their confirmation email.
  • In your Control Panel, you'll be able to:
    • See how many waivers have been completed and how many are still needed.
    • Click a link to open a new waiver for a customer to sign.
    • Download signed PDF waivers

You can access your waivers from the activity detail page and from each boarding pass.

Complete documentation is available in our Knowledge Base.