Electronic Gift Certificates are Now Available

We're pleased to announce that Gift Certificates 2.0 is now available in the general release!

Gift Certificates 2.0 is a robust system for selling and redeeming gift certificates in Starboard Suite. If you enable this feature, customers will be able to purchase gift certificates online. They'll receive an email containing a nicely formatted gift certificate with your logo, suitable for gifting.

Each gift certificate will contain a unique code that can be redeemed online by the recipient, or redeemed by you as a new payment method in your Control Panel.

Enabling Gift Certificates 2.0 will light up a new gift certificates badge on the online booking calendar:

Clicking the badge will take customers to a new gift certificates page where they can choose from one of the gift certificate types you create:

Customers receive a branded certificate that's suitable for gifting:

For more information, check out the detailed documentation in our knowledge base.

  • Please note that Gift Certificates 2.0 currently requires that you use Stripe for credit card processing.