WisePad3 Mobile Card Reader Now Available in Canada

We're thrilled to announce that we've added support for the WisePad3 mobile card reader in the latest versions of our Control Panel App and Kiosk App available in the iOS app store.

​WisePad3 Mobile Card Reader

​The WisePad3 is the first mobile reader that Stripe has certified for Canada, so we're excited to be able to offer this integration in Starboard.


  1. Pairs with a single iOS device (iPad or iPhone) via Bluetooth
  2. Can be used in a desktop or a cordless (rechargeable battery) setup
  3. Supports swiping, dipping (chip cards), Apple/Android Pay and tap cards

P400 Desktop Reader Still Available

Last year, we added support for the Verifone P400 desktop reader which is also certified for Canada, so that's still a great option for you as well.

The P400 is a network-based reader, so it connects to your Wifi/Ethernet and is not limited to iOS -- it's compatible with any computer, tablet or smart phone.

How to Buy

WisePad3 and P400 readers can be purchased directly through your Stripe account.

They're both currently in Stripe's Beta program, so some accounts may need a special invite to purchase them.

If you're interested in purchasing one and don't see them for sale in your Stripe account, just send a quick message to our support team and we'll get you added to the Beta list.

We hope you find these integrations useful for handling touchless payments as things start to reopen.

If you have questions about card readers, or anything else, please don't hesitate to be in touch!