More Gift Certificate Options for Black Friday

We hope this finds you safe and healthy!

We've added some new gift certificate options that you might find helpful for Black Friday promotions.

You can incentivize customers to buy gift certificates by adding extra value to their certificate beyond the amount paid, and without the need to enter a discount code.

There are three types of extra value that you can choose from:



Extra Value Per Certificate

Adds a flat dollar value to each purchase.

For example, entering 50 in this box would give customers an additional $50 value on their certificate.

Extra Value Per Person

For certificates that are tied to an event type, this will add an extra value per person.

For example, entering 50 in this box would provide an extra $50 value for each ticket added to the certificate.

Please note that this is option is only compatible with event-oriented certificates, and can't be used with fixed value certificates.

Extra Value Percentage

Adds a percentage value to the certificate.

  • For a fixed value certificate, entering 20 in this box would add an extra 20% value to the fixed amount.
  • For an event-oriented certificate, entering 20 in this box would add 20% to the ticket subtotal (excluding taxes and fees).

Please note that you can only use one type of extra value on each certificate type.

E.g., Extra Value Per Certificate and Extra Value Per Person can't be used together on the same certificate type.


Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating!